Linkedin for your company, do you know its advantages?

Linkedin is, today, the most important social network for companies, since it offers advantages that others do not have, for example, expanding communication between and with professionals, as well as with other companies.

To clear up any doubt, suffice it to say that 93% of large American companies say that Linkedin is their favorite platform to position themselves.

Its advantages and disadvantages

Speaking of the business world, the information that is disseminated on Linkedin can have a great impact, which provides a series of advantages:

  • Global reach: This allows companies to find potential customers in different regions, countries and continents.
  • Achieve great brand recognition and connectivity: This social network allows companies to maintain constant contact not only with their customers, but with potential customers, suppliers, partners and more.
  • Recruitment: thanks to its scope, companies have the opportunity to recruit professionals, finding new members for their teams.
  • Strengthens business relationships: adds value to relationships, giving quality to potential customers, increasing business opportunities.
  • Constant information: companies can be informed, practically in real time, about the competition and news of the sector of interest.
  • Lead generation: in addition to traditional techniques, Linkedin offers tools to detect contacts and engage them until they become customers.

Now that we talk about the good, we must also mention the disadvantages of this social network, although instead of seeing them as something, we prefer to call them points to consider:

  • It requires time, attention and work to achieve the objectives, which can be an obstacle for small teams.
  • It requires permanent updating so as not to discourage the audience, showing new content that motivates and engages your audience.
  • Its payment tools are expensive, although it should also be mentioned that they are very useful, since they facilitate the training of the team and clients.

How to generate a good marketing strategy?

As in any social network, As in any social network, to achieve better results it is best to have a strategy that allows us to reach our objectives, and for that, here we have 4 keys that will help you build yours:

  • Highlight the philosophy and values of the company
  • The information of the content that you share must be of quality and relevant to your professional sector.
  • Use Linkedin Ads to promote important events or updates.
  • Do not clone content, it is better to incorporate the link from your source.

As you can see, Linkedin has become a space for professionals, so by knowing how to fully exploit its potential, we can achieve great positioning.

If you need help with your strategy, contact us and the #DreamTeam will be there to support you.


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