Branding: the element that cannot be missing in your marketing strategy

It is very common to hear about Branding, that tool that brands and companies use to win over consumers, but do you really know what it is?.

It is very common to hear about Branding , that tool that brands and companies use to conquer consumers, but do you really know what it is?

Definition of branding

Branding, also known as brand management, is defined as the set of actions that are related to the positioning, objective and values of a brand.

Its main purpose is to create connections with your audience to influence their purchasing decisions by exerting a positive image involving their emotions.

How many types of branding are there?

Now that you know what branding is, you should know that there are different types that involve not only brands, but also people.

  • Corporate branding: it is focused on brands and companies of all kinds.
  • Personal branding: focuses on the personal brand, through the actions that are carried out, its communication and the emotions that it transmits.
  • Employer branding: refers to the reputation of the company, that is, the image of the company towards its employees and/or possible collaborators.

¿Why is it so important?

Today the market is very broad in all areas, so being able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition is key and it is right here when branding comes in, favoring the visibility and positioning of the brand.

  1. Promotes recognition , when a brand is easy to recognize, people tend to feel more secure when buying.
  2. It makes the visual elements of the brand known and involves everything from the logo to the way in which they respond to their messages.
  3. Generate references , remember that 84% of consumers have accepted that they make their purchasing decisions based on personal recommendations.
  4. It tells customers what to expect, building a professional appearance , credibility, and trust.
  5. Emotionally connects with customers, which helps customers feel good about the brand by engaging with the company.
  6. It provides great value to the business that goes beyond physical assets.

How to achieve good branding?

There are many ways to do it, but the main thing is:

  • Your client always comes first, so you must take into account their needs and desires.
  • The messages must reflect the value of your brand with direct messages, making it clear why it is the best option before the competition.
  • Use emotions, in this way you can bring your customers and potential customers closer to your brand, remember, purchasing decisions are always more emotionally related than logical.

Its main elements

These elements will help you create the basis for designing your branding strategy:

  1. Purpose : current consumers do not identify with brands whose sole objective is to sell, 77% of them consume and are loyal to companies that share their same values.
  2. Brand Name : is the set of words, or words, that are used to identify a company, product or service.
  3. Logo : this is the visual identification symbol of a brand and its success is measured in the recognition capacity it gives to the consumer.
  4. Color palette : like the other elements, these colors should be chosen wisely as their proper use can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.
  5. Communication tone : it is the way in which its essence, values and attributes are transmitted, either through visual or written communication.
  6. Personality : this is a very powerful element, as consumers approach brands for the same reasons that they like people.
  7. Slogan : It is a phrase that summarizes the value proposition or the fundamental purpose of a brand and inspires customers and potential customers to consume.
  8. Brand experience: this covers all aspects of the customer experience with the brand, from promotion, approach, sale and post-sale.

It is important to remember that a characteristic of branding is that it can be constantly changing, because today brands must evolve and adapt to the needs of their consumers, which is why having a good branding strategy is a great challenge that brands must assume to prosper and survive.

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