Create efficient content for social media

To be successful in your social networks, it is not enough just to have a presence, in fact, despite what many believe, posting every day is not a guarantee either, since the digital world goes much further, so it is essential to have with a marketing strategy that supports you.

Calm! Do not panic, we know that when reading 'strategy' the most common is to believe that it will be something complex, but in reality it is about sitting calmly and planning quality, relevant content that connects with your audience.

How do i do it?

To begin with, trust yourself, your knowledge and experience, in the end there is no one who knows your business or brand like you do, so you already have the basics, and for what follows we have these tips that will be your guide to landing on the best way those wonderful ideas that we know you have. Are you ready?

  • Focus on your target audience

Just as you know your brand, you must also know your customers, and future customers, and it is just them to whom you are going to speak, so you should focus on answering the following questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What are your concerns and hobbies?
  • What need can you satisfy with what you offer?
  • What doubts can they have?
  • What valuable information can you provide them?

As you answer these questions and the ideas come up, make a list of the topics you want and should talk about.

  • Diversify your message

We already have the raw material, that is, the topics or information that you want to share with your audience, now we must focus on where and how we are going to share them.

In other words, each platform is different, so the way of presenting the content must be adapted to each one, for example, on Instagram we can do it through a reel, and on Facebook with an infographic.

Keep in mind that not all platforms may be suitable for your brand.

  • don't forget your style

Like each social network, each brand has its style, and both are equally important, so at this point you must define how you will speak to your public while respecting the personality of your company, whether it is friendly, close, formal, casual. , informative, etc., you can even combine them.

  • Listen and be heard

Social networks are the perfect place where your customers and your brand can have a conversation, that implies not only that they listen to you but also to listen to them, how? Paying attention to comments and messages will help you get to know them better, know what content works for you, what you should change, and much more.

Ready! You already have the main ingredients to generate quality content, it is time for you to mix them with your creativity and start making a community on networks, and if you need help, do not hesitate to contact our Team, we will help you!



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