Do you already know everything new that Instagram has?

Have you noticed anything different when posting Reels on Instagram? It is not about an error, but about the new changes that this social network has for us.

You did not know? A few weeks ago Meta announced changes within the platform that aim to make it easier for us to create, edit, and schedule Reels in order to reach new audiences, even on Facebook where this content is also shared.

What is it about?

In total, there are 8 changes that little by little will be integrated into the platform so that we can use them when creating our Reels, take note!

On Instagram

1. Longer duration.

Now we will have up to 90 seconds to express and communicate our message.

2. We will be able to use the stickers of the stories.

The tools we use in our stories, such as polls, quizzes or swiping emoji, can now be used in our Reels.

3. Import your own audios

As in TikTok, Instagram will allow us to import our own audio and thus create original Reels.

4. Use of templates

Now it will be much easier to recreate a Reel that we liked by having the 'Use Template' button to insert the audio sequence and clips, although we can also customize the video with our own content.

On Facebook:

5. Create and schedule Reels on the desktop

Through the Creator Studio platform we will be able to edit, publish and schedule our Reels on Facebook.

6. Video editing

With it we can cut long videos that have already been published to adapt them to the Reels format.

In addition, for video game creators there will be editing tools that will allow them to create Reels directly from the live broadcasts.

7. Audio Tools

The voice overlay function will be available on this platform, as will Sound Sync, a tool with which we can synchronize a video to the rhythm of a song or convert text to speech.

8. Reach more public

Thanks to the Suggested Reels function, we will be able to reach a larger audience within this social network.

Now that you know all this, it's time to exploit your creativity and start using all these new tools. If you need a hand to create your content and communicate your message , don't hesitate to contact us, we'll help you!


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