Do you publish on social networks but you are not selling enough?

Social networks are the best tool that you can take advantage of to increase your sales in your online store.

Use these hacks to promote your ecommerce on social media

Social networks are the best tool that you can take advantage of to increase your sales in your online store, as long as you adapt your content to your audience and to the different communication channels that you decide to use.

Yeah! These platforms that we normally use to have fun, distract ourselves and share topics of interest, will help you boost your ecommerce:

  • You can grow your brand and establish a connection with your customers.
  • They are a great source of traffic to bring potential customers to your store.
  • You create a community and keep in touch with your followers.

In which social networks should I have a greater presence?

Well, now that you know how the networks will enhance your business, you must know and decide which ones can help you in the best way:


It is a relatively new social network, however, this platform came to revolutionize the digital world. Much more natural and real-time content is shared.


No doubt you know it, but did you know what offers you great advantages? For example, it has no character limit, you can upload photos, videos and create advertising campaigns.

These are definitely the reasons why two thirds of Shopify store visits originate through this platform.


This is the social network for which you must, yes or yes, show and expose all your products through photos, carousels, videos, tutorials and live videos.

Remember that it is best to create a direct interaction with your entire audience.


Although it is somewhat hard to believe, the platform dedicated to inspiration is a great sales channel, since it represents 13% of the traffic to Shopify stores.


This network will help you solve doubts and contact your buyers, just keep in mind that you have a limit of 280 characters, make the most of it!


Here you should focus your resources to communicate information about the sector in which you work, it is also ideal if you need to add talent to your team.


Videos are the perfect way to communicate and connect with your audience, so you should take advantage of this platform to do reviews, unboxing or tips.

How to manage them?

Now that you have clearly defined which networks are the best for your e-commerce, it's time to get down to work, are you ready?

To do it you have two options: hire a team that supports you or do it yourself, in case you opt for the second, this is what you should do:

Design your strategy:

To do so, answer these questions: What?, Where? and when?

Once you have the answers, create a content plan, this way you will not fail or forget to publish.

Content of interest:

All the information you share must have a reason, whether it is to inform, connect or interact with your audience, and it is best to do it through different formats such as photos, images or videos.

Program and analyze

Today we have many tools that make the job easier, for example, you can publish your content of the week, or the month in Creator Studio or Hootsuite .

In addition, right there you can generate reports and analyze your statistics to define what content is working, or what you should change.

Hacks to create the ideal content

Before telling you these tips, we want to remind you that there is no magic formula to have millions of followers or views, that is achieved little by little.

  • Date and Time:

Knowing when to publish will help you have a greater reach; You can obtain this data directly on Instagram or on a platform that provides you with personalized reports and metrics.

  • be persuasive

A text written just for the sake of it will not help much, it is best to create captions that attract attention and provide value, without forgetting to adapt them to each social network.

  • Opt for multimedia elements

Photos and videos have greater reach and interaction, use them to your advantage!

Show your products, ask questions or even hop on trending memes to connect with your audience.

  • influencer marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to get traffic, but before opting for it, ask yourself if it is profitable for your business, both economically and in time, since it requires a lot of planning.

Ready! You already have the bases to venture into the digital world. Remember that if you need support you can contact us and our #DreamTeam will support you to create the content that your brand needs.


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