How to use email marketing to retain my customers?

Are you still not convinced to implement email marketing within your strategy? For many, this technique may be outdated, and its decline has even been predicted for several years, however, it is quite the opposite.

Recruitment or loyalty email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable and effective actions for brands in terms of return, since it is ideal for sharing any type of content, from a newsletter to campaigns with defined customer journeys.

What are its benefits?

  • Convert visits into leads effectively. Being able to contact your customers after a visit or a purchase is ideal, so getting the email of your customers and prospects is a great opportunity to keep in touch with them and keep them up to date.
    The best way to do this is through an incentive, such as exclusive offers.
  • It allows you to segment your buyer persona. Creating a base of contacts and prospects will allow you to group them according to their interests and characteristics, such as their age, gender, age or location.
  • You can share valuable information. Sending content of interest is a great strategy to retain your customers.
  • You will have a more direct relationship with your prospects. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to have a direct company-prospect relationship, maintain effective communication and be able to offer your products and services.
  • Analyze and measure the results of your campaign. With this strategy you will be able to monitor the performance of your campaigns and evaluate the progress of your metrics, such as opening rate, number of clicks, conversion rate, etc.

How can I use email marketing to retain your customers?

Now that you know its benefits, we are going to present you 5 ways in which you can use this strategy to achieve customer loyalty:

  • Develop personal emails, not just personalized ones
    By having the email of your prospects, there is a closer relationship, therefore, the worst mistake is to send a general email, because the only thing we would imply is that we see it as just another user.
    It is best to handle a closer language, and always with your name.
  • don't try to sell
    After the first sale, it is very likely that your customers will make a purchase again, however, putting pressure on them is not the best way to achieve it.
    The best thing is to share valuable information with them that keeps them up to date on the main issues of your industry or company.
  • Optimize the emails you send
    Don't forget good practices, be it using attractive 'Subjects', making your emails short and including hyperlinks to your website.
  • Includes media content
    Showing your information in an attractive way will give it added value, and what better way to do it than through audiovisual material, such as videos, images, photographs or infographics.
  • Check your metrics
    Keeping yourself informed of the results and metrics of your strategy is essential, because with them you can guide yourself and know what works for you and what is better to change.

One of the platforms that will help you with your implementation of mailing campaigns is Mailchimp , however, there are several platforms with which you can support yourself. Some others are Sendinblue , Activecampaign , Hubspot , among others.

Now yes, you are ready to start an emailing strategy!

If you need help , write to us and we will help you create a bond with your clients and prospects.


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