What is the importance of social networks in your marketing strategy?

To start, we want to tell you that according to the Digital Report 2021, by We Are Social, in Mexico the most popular social networks are Facebook (97%) and WhatsApp (95%), followed by Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition, each user spends an average of 7 hours a day online, of which 2 and a half are spent on these platforms. Do you still think you should not have a presence on them?

Well, continuing with the data, a Hubspot study reveals that 73% of marketers consider that having a social media strategy is decisive for companies, since they help maintain closer interaction with customers and potential customers.

To this we must add that more than 40% of consumers use social networks to investigate brands and products, which makes them the perfect place to improve the image and reputation of your brand, confirming its authority through content from quality.

Reasons to generate a good marketing strategy in social networks:

We can list dozens of reasons to have social networks, however, we want to summarize them in three, which may seem few but are actually highly relevant for any company:

– They help you strengthen your branding .

They increase communication and interaction with your clients or prospects. – They generate traffic to your website , which can improve the positioning of your page in search engines .

– They generate traffic to your website which can improve the positioning of your page in search engines .

How to optimize my social networks?

We already told you some relevant information about the importance of social networks and the reasons for having them, but how to do it?

– Take care of the titles and descriptive texts, in this way you can capture the attention of your audience. Remember that you must take care of the language and spelling of your copywriting, some tips are:

  • Use numbers in headlines: “5 ways to…”, “3 apps that will help you “.
  • Make the benefits clear: “How to write in…” We help you to…”.

– Constantly update your social networks and complete all the information about your company/brand, in this way your clients will be able to solve most of their doubts just by entering your profile. For this you must have, for example on Instagram, a clear biography and your highlights are also the perfect tool to place there the most relevant information that you want your prospects and clients to have at hand.

– Use ideal audiovisual material for each social network, for example, on LinkedIn infographics work better than a video, while on Instagram reels are having a better response and reach. You always have to be up-to-date on formats and the type of content that is most relevant today as it is constantly changing.

– Monitor the statistics to know which hourly days are the best to publish, for some profiles it is best to publish every third day, while others do it daily. The numbers will always be a guide to measure what works for you and what you can improve.

– Play and test with different formats, from GIFs, videos, reels, tweets, or stories. Today we have many ways in which we can share content, and to know which are the most effective for us we must diversify and try everything. Seek to generate conversation in your content, which invites people to interact with it.

Applications that will help you improve your marketing strategy:

  • Hootsuite – Allows you to centrally manage different social networks, schedule posts, monitor content, and measure statistics for each.
  • Canva : helps you create graphics with the specific characteristics for each network, it also has hundreds of templates and stock photos that will make this task easier. It’s actually a great tool for any business that wants to generate amazing designs quickly.
  • Facebook Creator Studio – Brings together all the tools you need to effectively publish, manage, monetize, and measure content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.




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