Text generators with artificial intelligence, an ally for your content

Artificial Intelligence has evolved to such a degree that today it is a great tool for creating content and generating specialized texts.


What are content generators?

These generators are very useful for those companies that focus on content marketing, although we must be very specific that these are not a replacement for creators.

How do they work?

This technology generates texts automatically from previously entered information, and as it is fed, the texts will have a more natural language.

In other words, they work in a very similar way to a human, an investigation is carried out, which in this case is the information entered and the instructions given, to later process it and generate new content.

 Its advantages

Currently about 22% of companies use artificial intelligence in marketing or sales processes, and it is expected that by 2030 it will increase to 75%. This is due to the different advantages it offers:

  • Speed up the content creation process
  • Collect user-generated content
  • Perform repetitive tasks
  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Increase productivity

When should we use it?
 As we mentioned before, these systems do not replace content generators, in fact they are just a support that works better for certain situations, for example:
  • Speed up the writing of blog articles
  • Create ads for social media
  • Provide suggestions for optimizing web pages
  • copy development
When should we use it?
  • Copy.ai : to generate longer texts.
  • Writesonic : simplifies the writing process, generating blog posts, articles or ads for networks.
  • Jasper – Generates content with very little source text, such as blog posts with SEO guidelines, social media posts, or scripts.
Artificial intelligence tools to create content can be a great support for creators, streamlining marketing processes.
If you want to start implementing them, we suggest you start with small tests to adapt to them and see the results.


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