What is Brand Book and what is it for?

If you are beginning to undertake, surely you already have the idea, the objective and even defined the public to which you are going to address, well, it is time to start planning the way in which you will communicate your identity.

How to do it?

Do not worry, there is a way in which you can do it in a simple way, and it is through your brand manual, which works practically as a guide where all the guidelines established in your visual identity and communication strategy are stipulated so that any professional can implement them, maintaining the concept and coherence.

What should it include?

Before beginning, we want to tell you that it is best to have a team of professionals, in this case designers, who can support you in the creation of branding that involves the design and communication of your brand, taking into account, yes or yes, the following items:

  • Concept:

Starting your manual by explaining what the idea or concept of your brand is will help those who use it to fully understand each of the elements that compose it.

Within this section we can include a description, photographs and elements that helped inspire what our brand is today.

  • Composition:

In this section we will focus on our logo, showing from the symbol with which the brand can be recognized without the need to accompany it with a text, to the union of these two elements.

Preferably, each of them should be displayed in positive, negative, and grayscale.

  • logo variation

At this point we must emphasize that our logo has a main use and also has some variations of use.

  • Adaptability

Our brand must be visible in various sizes, so we have to take care that its legibility is not lost, both the symbol and the text.

In this item, the appropriate dimensions and the protection area of the logo must be established.

  • Typography

This is another of our great pillars, and it is extremely important to include complementary fonts that can be used for headlines, bodies, or stationery.

  • Color palette

Each of the colors that make up our palette must be indicated with the corresponding color code, so whoever uses it will have the exact shades and there are no differences.

  • Misuses

Here we can establish what should NOT be done with our brand, such as changing colors or fonts.

We love to offer a complete brand landing so we also develop some graphic elements and brand patterns that you can use in different media such as your packaging, website, social networks, etc.

We also accompany it with a moodboard and certain mockups that can better exemplify the way in which the brand should communicate and express itself visually.

It is very important that you take into account that each manual varies according to the type and needs of your brand, for example, if a brand has sub-brands, we must establish the relationship between these and the main brand. Now that you know what it is and what is its importance begins to develop yours; If you need help, send us a message and we'll do it for you.


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