What is SEO and why is it important?

One of the most frequent questions that entrepreneurs have when starting their online business is what is SEO and how can it help our business?.

For this reason, we want to tell you a little more about it and, above all, help you understand the relevance it represents for your business.

What is it?

Search Engine Optimization is search engine optimization, that is, it is the process that helps us improve the visibility of a website organically in any search engine.

Although there are different factors on which a search engine, like Google, relies to position your page, in general we can say that there are two keys:

  • The authority, which we could define as the popularity of a website, that is, the more valuable the information that is published for users, the more useful it will be.
  • The relevance, which is the relationship that your page has when a search is given due to certain factors.

How is it divided?

SEO can be divided into two groups:

  • On-site: which gives greater weight to relevance; within it we can include keyword optimization, loading time, user experience, code optimization and URL format, that is, everything that is within our site.
  • Off-site: focuses on factors external to the page, such as the number and quality of links, presence in social networks, mentions in local media, brand authority and performance in search results (CTR) that have the results in a search engine.

Because it is important?

SEO will definitely help you make your website more useful to users, and it is necessary to help search engines understand what your page is about in order to display it in the right results.

But this is not all, this strategy is also essential for:

  • Multiply your visibility.
  • Improve your image before users
  • Make your website profitable
  • Increase your impact on social media

How do search engines work?

In general, we can reduce them in two aspects, crawling and indexing.

  • Tracking: Search engines go through the web, through the links, with 'crawlers' called bots, from here comes the importance of a good structure of our links.
    This process starts with a list of web addresses from previous crawls and sitemaps provided by other web pages.
    Within them, the bots look for links to other pages, we must say that they give greater importance to new sites and changes to existing websites, for this reason we must maintain good loading times and updated content.
  • Indexing: After the bots have crawled a website and collected the necessary information, they include them in a kind of index where they are ordered by content, authority and relevance to show them when performing a search.
    Some of the factors that search engines take into account to make these lists may be the date of publication or the quality of the multimedia content such as images or videos.

Once these two steps are done, the algorithm enters, an informative process that decides which pages will appear first and which will appear last in the search results.

How can I improve my positioning?

In order to position our website in the search results there are some good practices that we must carry out, such as:

  • Create good quality content.
  • Introduce keywords naturally.
  • Don't over optimize.
  • Use synonyms of the keywords to position with secondary keywords.
  • Use visible tags for search results.
  • Optimize URLs including the main keyword.
  • Rename the images with the keywords.
  • Add a description in the "Alt text" field of the images.
  • Link to other pages on your website related to the topic.

We must tell you that, as in everything, the techniques require time and dedication, but by implementing them little by little you will be able to see their benefits.

If you need support with your website, contact us and we will design your website to expand your business.


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