What news does Instagram have for us this 2023?

Like every year, Instagram, the Meta application, prepares new updates that will be released throughout this new year, all with the purpose of bringing together in a single social network all the features that users are looking for.

What changes and news will we have?

  • Microblogging : much like Twitter, Instagram will allow us to write short texts to express ourselves through Notes; We began to see this update in December 2022 as a test. It allows us to publish texts of no more than 60 characters between letters and emojis that can only be seen by users who do not follow and who we follow.
  • Candid : a function that will allow us to share more 'real' photos, since we cannot program them or apply any type of filter to them.
  • Hacked: is a website that will allow users who have suffered some type of hack to recover their accounts in less time.
  • Dual camera: we can record with the front and rear cameras at the same time, a perfect function for reaction videos.
  • Creator Portfolios: This will allow creators to showcase the work they have done with brands and entrepreneurs in order to have more business opportunities.
  • Edit carousels: although it is only confirmed to be able to delete a photo, the possibility of being able to replace it is still open.
  • Promote rest: now we can program Instagram to encourage us to rest and do another activity for up to 30 minutes.
  • States: they arrive to be able to share if we are happy, busy, absent, etc.
  • Record reels in response to comments : as in TikTok we will be able to see this new function that will allow better interaction.
  • Reshare: it is a new sticker that we can use in our stories with which we will access a history of the last thing we have published to decide if we want to share one again.
  • Translation of stories: if we follow people from other countries, now we can translate the texts or sentences into the language that we have predetermined on our mobile phone.

Undoubtedly, this 2023 will see many updates that will benefit users, brands, and creators, as long as they are used correctly. Remember that to do the best you must have a strategy that helps you achieve all your objectives and goals, creating efficient content that allow you to reach the right audience.


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