First steps to create a successful eCommerce

For several years, especially since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the term 'eCommerce' began to become popular both in Mexico and in Latin America, but do you really know what it refers to and how it works?.

We know that behind all SMEs there is a lot of commitment, work, dedication and perseverance, which is why we want to continue supporting entrepreneurs like you to continue their great work.

Nowadays, one aspect that makes a difference and helps the growth of enterprises is, without a doubt, technology, and knowing how to take advantage of each of the resources that it offers us is essential to have a competitive advantage.

It is also true that today there are hundreds of tools that can help fulfill this function, which can be somewhat confusing when choosing which ones to use, and this is where we come in and list the digital tools that, from our perspective, all Entrepreneur must know:


It allows us to manage projects in a much easier way, it keeps you, or your teams, in communication so that they can consult and update the progress of each of the tasks.

Its interface is very intuitive and easy, so adapting to it is very easy. You can use their free plan, or if you need it, get a Premium, Business or Enterprise account.


The communication between the members of your team is essential to achieve your goals, and this tool is definitely one of our top, because thanks to the fact that it allows you to separate the conversations by channels, we can make sure that all the communication, as well as files, are stored and we can easily search.

We can also add customers or suppliers to channels, and of course, have private conversations with our team members. Another of its great functions is that you can have meetings or video calls through this platform.

It has its desktop and mobile application so that you can be in communication at all times, we are sure that it will facilitate the communication of your company and take it to a more professional level.


Surely you have already heard of it, and it is that this editing and design tool has become one of the favorites to create brochures, material for social networks, edit photos and much more in a simple way, thanks to the fact that it offers a wide variety of templates in different formats.

Its free version is very extensive, but we definitely recommend its premium version if you need to create many designs because it allows very useful features, such as removing backgrounds from photos and cropping them in a very simple way.

It also has an extensive bank of images and audio to add value to your content. You can export in different formats or even export to google drive or other applications.

Google Analytics:

With it we can evaluate, measure and track the performance of our website in real time, monitor and analyze the traffic we have and provide a description of who our customers or audience are, what content is what makes them approach us and what is not , which allows us to optimize our marketing strategy.

This tool will also allow you to see the performance of your campaigns in social media or in google adwords since you will be able to see the traffic that each channel is providing you, which are the pages that users are visiting and if you have an ecommerce you will also be able to see the performance of conversions in a much clearer way.


It is definitely one of the most intuitive web platforms that provide the opportunity to design and create websites without necessarily having to be an expert in the area.

In addition, it provides different add-ons or plugins to customize each site according to your needs. There you can create from simple web pages to develop more complex sites with specific functionalities or designed for your company.


Having a CRM platform is crucial, and MailChimp is one of the best, since it allows us to manage a database of our clients and establish an automated email to reduce time and effort.

In Mailchimp you can carry out journeys so that you can convert a lead into a client and also to carry out a retention strategy for them, since you can communicate valuable information and promotions to them to consent. It is important to attract new customers, but it is more important to retain the ones you have already achieved and brands often forget about this stage of the funnel.

Hootsuite or Creator Studio:

Managing your social networks should be one of your priorities, and having one or two tools that allow you to have everything in one place, schedule content, monitor the performance of your publications, and even reply to messages will be of great help.x

We recommend Hootsuite, which has a free and paid version, depending on what you need, and Creator Studio, which belongs to Meta, and provides different tools for Community Manager.

Prosperous ethnic entrepreneur wears fashionable clothes, develops marketing strategy, studies documents from stock market, compares prices in internet, holds modern cell phone, sits at armchair

Ready! Start trying each one of them and see how it works for you, remember that each venture is different, and therefore it is best to determine what meets the needs of your specific brand.

If you know of any others that you want to recommend, do not hesitate to do so! We would love to know which ones have worked for you so we can share them with our community and help more entrepreneurs fulfill their mission.



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