Get ready! These are the Digital Marketing trends for this 2023

2022 is about to end and it is the perfect time to learn about the digital marketing trends that are coming this 2023, so we can prepare to define our strategies and achieve our goals.

As many of us hope, this year will be key in the development of innovation and will give continuity to the digital transformation, for this reason we highlight the importance of keeping abreast of what is happening around marketing, and not letting any opportunity for growth pass us by, as well that we present to you our top 6 Digital Marketing trends 2023.


Just like in 2022, videos will continue to be a trend for the next year, and they will be key pieces to convince customers and potential customers to purchase a product and/or service.

To this is added that Google is working to bring out new features so that we can find information about the videos in a more detailed way with the clip markup and seek markup:

Clip Markup:
It will help us to manually specify which timestamps and labels to display, instead of which video segments it can automatically display.

Seek Markup: We will be able to tell Google how the URL structure works, so that it shows the key moments that it automatically identifies for, that is, so that it can link users to a point within the video.

Multiple Google Search

Building on insights from the world's most popular search engine, Google is exploring new ways to innovate, including more advanced result suggestions, a more visual look, improved image searches, improved Google Lens translations, and new results cards. .


Today there are hundreds of podcasts, and therefore, we can always find more than one that is aimed at our target audience, therefore, brands should consider having a presence in them since it is an interesting format that adds value to users. in a different way.

Artificial intelligence

This technology is gaining more and more strength, even companies like Google use it more frequently to understand their users and give them better results.

Streaming and gaming

These two strategies are having a great growth due to their great exponential, and it is that, in the United States, at least 67% of adults older than 18 years play video games.

Given these results, brands have begun to look at this opportunity and create strategies that fit.


Influencers have become part of everyone's day-to-day life and that gives them a voice in many decisions, not only for young people, it has been proven that their power of influence reaches all ages.

UGC (User Generated Content)

The User Generated Content, or the Content Generated by the User, is all that material that is created by consumers, which functions as content for the brand.

It is characterized by being spontaneous and in many cases, without a prior agreement between both parties, as it arises from the desire of users to tell their experience through a review or by showing videos and photographs on their social networks, mentioning the marks.

Among the advantages of this strategy is creating a bond of trust, encouraging other people to share their experience, generating engagement and knowing first-hand the level of customer satisfaction. Taking into account everything that we will see this new year in matters of digital marketing we advise you to be prepared and adapt your, or your, strategies, in this way it will be easier for you to implement them and monitor what works best for your brand or business.

Remember that our Dream Team will be there to support you, whether you need support with the development of your strategies or to give you our best tips through our content.

We are waiting for you this 2023!


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