What are the metrics in Social Networks that you should pay attention to?

Una vez que tienes tu estrategia de redes sociales definida y en marcha, y por lo tanto, ya tienes claros tus objetivos, es momento de comenzar a medir los resultados para saber qué nos está funcionando, qué podemos cambiar y qué debemos eliminar, pero ¿cuál es la mejor forma?

Surely you already know that there are many metrics, but what does each one tell us?

The main

  • followers :

Knowing how many followers we have is very important, since the higher the number, the greater the chances of making our message visible, of course, as long as they are real followers. We must also pay attention to those who stop following us, since if it is very large it can be an indicator to rethink our strategy.

  • Scope:

Measure the number of people to whom your content has appeared in their feed or time line.

  • Impressions:

The difference between this and the reach is that the impressions take into account the different occasions in which the same person has seen your content.

  • Engagement:

This metric refers to the interaction that users have with our content, and can be measured:

Interactions / reach x 100 = Engagement rate per person reached.

  • CTR: (Click Through Rate)

They are the clicks obtained on the link(s), compared to the number of impressions. It is one of the most important when it comes to receiving visits to the website.

CTR % = (Number of clicks) / (Number of impressions)

  • Mentions :

With this we can get an idea of the popularity of our brand, know our public and know the opinion of our customers.

  • ROAS: (Return on Advertising Investment)

Measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns according to the objectives that have been set.

ROAS= sales revenue / advertising expenses

  • ROI: (Return on Investment)

It measures the economic result of investments that the company has made, providing a value that can be positive or negative.

ROI = (Revenue – Investment) / Investment

  • Traffic :

With it we will know the percentage of visits that your website receives through social networks.

How can we measure them?

We have already identified the most important metrics, now it is time to know how to obtain this information, and no, it is not necessary to enter Instagram every hour to check how the account has grown.

The best thing is to have a tool that gives us all the information we need, some of which are:

  • Metricool: One of our favorites, since it allows us to analyze both our social networks and our website or blog.
  • Hootsuite: With it, in addition to getting reports from our social networks, we can also schedule our content.
  • Buffer: Thanks to the fact that it is very intuitive and its design is very clean, it is one of the most popular platforms.

To choose the best one for you, take into account these points:

  • Its cost
  • payment plans
  • Social networks that allow us to analyze
  • The information and metrics you are looking to obtain
  • The people on your team who will use this tool

Now yes, you are ready to start analyzing the results of your social media strategy, take action and get closer to your goals. It is important to create efficient content on social networks in order to obtain good metrics, so we suggest you pay close attention to generating valuable content that contributes to your community.


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