Reinvent your customers’ buying process with these tools

One of the great secrets that make the relationship between client and brand loyal is, without fear of being mistaken, the treatment of the user, those small acts that bring them closer, because as they say, the devil is in the details.

And it is that many times these small actions, whether good or bad, are the ones that we as customers capture the most and remember the most, this is where personalization comes into play.

Yes, we know that this may seem much easier when we talk about a direct deal in physical points of sale, but that does not mean that it is impossible to take it to the digital world, and to make it a more relaxed task for you, today we have some tools for you that can help you reinvent your purchasing process.

1. Proximity marketing

Its objective is, through the use of intelligent transmission technology, to display advertisements to users depending on their geographical location, that is, it is local advertising. This strategy can be carried out in different ways, one of them is to establish a primer that will send ads to mobile devices when they enter a certain area.

2. User Generated Content Marketing

One of the most popular strategies currently consists of sharing the content created and shared by users and/or clients, for example a story on Instagram, a post on Facebook or a review on TikTok.

This type of content represents great value for brands, since being completely organic invites and motivates other potential customers.

3. Custom Websites

These types of sites use content optimization systems, which means that they help your page to be taken into account as a priority by search engines.

Some also have the quality of presenting specific content according to the profile of each user, this taking into account their geographical location or previous interactions with the site.

4. Product recommendation engines

Most big brands use this tool to recommend products, brands, or even people (on Instagram you’ve seen it as ‘people you may know), all focused on giving you recommendations that the algorithm determines how useful.

These types of engines work in different ways, for example, with content-based filters, which use keywords from previous searches or purchases, or collaborative filters that collect prospect behaviors, activities and preferences.

Each of these tools is increasingly helping brands to reach more prospects and create stronger ties with their customers, however, if you plan to resort to them, it is very important that you take into account that users care about the way in which the information is used, so you must be very responsible when using it.

If you are the owner of a brand, we suggest you take care of even the smallest detail so that your client can have a great user experience in any circumstance. Learn more about the marketing trends of 2023 so you can create a winning strategy.


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